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This platform is a public education toolkit to provide consumers and patients with information to better understand and navigate the Canadian professional licensing and regulatory system, while also promoting regulatory bodies and their consumer protection activities. 

In Canada, there are dozens of professions overseen by almost 500 regulatory bodies.  While their specific roles are outlined in provincial, territorial, or federal legislation, their mandate is to protect the public by:

  • setting eligibility requirements for entry into a profession;

  • overseeing standards of practice and professional conduct; and

  • managing complaints and discipline processes to hold professionals accountable. 

ConsumerProtection.info was developed by regulatory communications practitioners in consultation with regulators, government, the general public, and licensed professionals. 

In time, additional learning tools and information will be added to ConsumerProtection.info.  As a public resource, ideas and comments are welcomed.  Contact info@consumerprotection.info with comments, questions, or suggestions.   

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