The Canadian Regulatory Guide provides extensive information and resources, and links to every professional licensing and regulatory body.




May 6, 2020 (Toronto, ON) – Earlier this week, launched the Canadian Regulatory Guide []. An online library that features information about Canadian regulatory bodies and the work they do to protect the public, it is the first of its kind in the world and's latest addition and long-awaited flagship product.


“We created a national resource that is accessible and provides the right content to increase public awareness and greater insight into Canada's regulatory frameworks,” said Daniel Roukema, President & CEO of MDR Public Affairs, the firm that developed the Guide. "The vast majority of Canadians are unaware of the role of regulatory bodies. In addition to news, tips, and learning tools, this online library links to every regulator and provides what the public needs to make informed decisions."

Canada has almost 500 organizations that regulate occupations, including most healthcare professions. Their mandate is to set standards for entry to practice, oversee professional conduct, and administer a robust complaints process that allows them to investigate grievances filed by the public to hold their industry professionals accountable. "The Canadian system is unique in that many industries are self-regulating, meaning they have the privilege of governing themselves," said Roukema, who previously served in senior communications roles at the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, the Condominium Authority of Ontario, and the Real Estate Council of Ontario. "This is a gamechanger, and we're confident that it will quickly become a valued resource for the public and regulators."


The Canadian Regulatory Guide will soon feature additional resources, including a directory of lawyers and information for immigrants seeking entry into a Canadian profession with foreign credentials. A geo-targeted alert system is also launching that will broadcast regulators' public advisories of potential threats to consumers directly into the affected communities anywhere in Canada. is a digital toolkit of information and regulatory resources to protect the Canadian public. Currently in English only, it will be available in French later this year and in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, and Tagalog in early 2021. 


MDR Public Affairs, the creator of, is a national social enterprise that provides strategic communications services and digital innovation solutions to organizations that improve access to education through technology, and those committed to building safer, healthier, and greener communities.

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